Bodoland Lotteries Result Today 28.11.2020 3PM Result Live

Bodoland Lotteries Result

Do you finding for the Bodoland lottery result 3pm day then my friends this website is made for you and friends this website called as Lottery Sambad Dear is the most fastest and trusted lottery result provider and friends today is another Saturday an weekend and friends 28th of November 2020 and this day sambad today lottery will be known as Bodoland lottery here you will get the morning and day result you can say as is Bengali language লটারী সংবাদ and here we post the day 3pm result will be posted result will posted here so get some tickets and get a chance to be rich and friends wait for the perfect timing ticket price is only 6 rupee and the 1st price is 1 crore result will post at 3:10pm here you also get the lottery sambad live draw and the lottery sambad old result  so get ready for todays lottery the other lottery sambad results named as sikkim state lottery, west bengal state lottery and nagaland state lottery also and lottery called as bodoland lottery result, Lottery Sambad Result

Today 28.11.2020 Today 12PM, 3PM & 7PM Result

3pm Result

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Bodoland Lottery Result Today Live

wait for the good time of publishing at  and live starts from 11:30am, 2:30pm and 6:30pm Lottery Sambad Result is devided as sikkim state lottery, west bengal state lottery and nagaland state lottery also and lottery called as bodoland lottery result, and very important stay safe be at home. Lottery Sambad

Bodoland Lottery live result daily statrs at 3pm on youtube please search on youtube as bodoland lottery result live then you will be find the right video to watch be patient the lottery sambad also publish under the results named as sikkim state lottery, west bengal state lottery and nagaland state lottery also and lottery called as bodoland lottery result, and very important stay safe be at home.

Bodoland lottery also know as assam state lottery this lottery ticket is exclusive for assam state the lottery ticket price is merely 2 rupee and you’ll won the first prize is about 50000 inr an excellent amount of the cash which you’ll invest on an excellent bussiness

Bodoland Lottery Result Today

The word ‘Assam’ as interpreted by some scholars springs from the Sanskrit word Asoma meaning peerless or unparalleled. But the widely accepted opinion of the tutorial circles today is that the term has come from the primary name of the Ahoms, who ruled the land for about 600 years before its annexation by British. The races like Austric, Mongolian, Dravidian and Aryan that came to this land long-long ago have contributed to its composite culture.

Bodoland Thangam Lottery Result Today

Thus, Assam features an upscale legacy of culture and civilization. Assam was mentioned as Pragjyotisha or the place of eastern astronomy during the epic period and later named as Kamrupa. The earliest epigraphic reference to the dominion of Kamrupa is found within the Allahabad pillar inscription of king Samudragupta.

Kamrupa is mentioned as a Pratyanta or frontier state outside the Gupta empire but with friendly and subordinate regard to it Hiuen Sang, the Chinese scholar pilgrim who visited Kamrupa in about 743 A.D. on a involve participation of its monarch, Kumar Bhaskar Varman, left a record of the dominion he called Kamolupa. Kamrupa also figured within the writings of the Arabian historian Alberuni within the eleventh century.

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Thus, from the epic period right right down to the twelfth century A.D., the eastern frontier kingdom was mentioned as Pragjyotisha and Kamrupa and kings called themselves ‘Lords of Pragjyotisha’. the arrival of the Ahoms across the eastern hills in 1229 A.D. was the turning point in Assam history. They ruled Assam nearly for six centuries. The Burmese entered through the eastern borders and overran the territory at a time when court intrigues and dissensions were sapping the vitality of the Ahom royalty.

It became a British protectorate in 1826 when the Burmese ceded Assam to British under the availability of the Treaty of Yandabo. Assam is that the sentinel of north-east India and gateway to the North-Eastern States. The State is on the brink of India’s international borders with Banglades

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Online lottery game is punishible we don’t support this type of game This is a offline game and we are not playing this game, we only publish the result, Friends if you have any doubt about the Bodoland Lottery Result then comment down below this post Thatnkyou

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