5 Indian Apps that tried to copy Popular Apps

There are certain Indian Apps which did very well and recognized all over the world. But at the same time there are certain apps who tried to blatantly copy the foreign popular apps and tried to gain benefit out of patriotism. These apps have been heavily criticized by experts telling they are just doing duplicate … Read more

Islam Syndicate active foolish police

Syndicate has been able to reach or cross the country through different areas of Islampur subdivision from Bangladesh. These syndicates are spread across the borders of the two countries. Detectives said that the syndicates have long been trafficked through the smuggling routes between the two countries. Among those who are coming to this country are … Read more

Each in the CAA movement | The committee in the district is Mamata

Opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) feels brahmastra to fight the BJP. Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee is doing so. So in this issue he formed a separate district-based committee for the movement of North Bengal. He was given the overall responsibility of North Bengal. Gautam Dev, chairman of the North Bengal Core Committee and … Read more

Chief Minister had to arrive in Kolkata about 5 minutes late

Snowfall falls on the summit of the mountain, as predicted. Sandakfu naturally from the shampoo wrapped in ice sheets. At the beginning of the year, many tourists play looters of nature. However, many have been disappointed to not be allowed to go to Nathula. Due to the climatic conditions, the Chief Minister had to arrive … Read more

A large number of Iranian militants were reportedly detained

US drone strike kills Qassim Solemani, the head of the Qutas force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. Lost his life The head of the Iraqi militant group is Abu Mahdi al-Muhaddis alias Jamal Zafar Ibrahim. A large number of Iranian militants were reportedly detained in the attack by the US military. A Pentagon source … Read more

Jasprit Bumrah is in the mood for Purana again. After September

New Year’s New Look. Virat Kohli is going down on Sunday. The captain of India is not new to the haircut. New Year’s Special is a ‘Top Cut’ hairstyle. Courtesy of famous fashion style alim Hulk. The image of the First Day First Look has been pasted by the fans themselves. Jasprit Bumrah is in … Read more