Sikkim State Lottery Results 18.9.2020 Today 11:55am, 4PM Lottery Result

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18th September 2020

11:55 AM

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Sikkim State Lottery 11:55am morning is the one of the most searched lottery sambad in india so get some ticket and the price is 6 rupee and the 1st price is 1 crore rupee friends today is another Friday 18th of September 2020 and this days lottery sambad will be known as sikkim state lotteries Dear Tender Morning so get some tickets and wait for the perfect timing ticket price is only 6 rupee and the 1st price is 1 crore result will post at 12:10pm here you also get the lottery sambad live draw and the lottery sambad old result  so get reday for todays lottery the other lottery sambad results named as sikkim state lottery, west bengal state lottery and nagaland state lottery also and lottery called as bodoland lottery result, and very important stay safe be at home. Lottery Sambad Result

Sikkim state lotteries 11:55am morning today result

Friends you know that Sikkim state lotteries 11:55am morning today result is the most popular lottery sambad result in west bengal and daily the result published at their own timing, its 1st prizes are 1crore indian rupee, you have to buy the tickets to win the lotteries.

Sikkim state lotteries dear super

Sikkim state lottery games are under named as dear morning, day and evening so it is very known as Sikkim state lotteries dear super, for its superior search results or you can say it sikkim state lottery sambad.

Sikkim state lotteries 4pm

Actully 11:55am morning result and 4pm result are two diffrent results but for few months it will held under the west bengal state lottery and few months for under sikkim state lotteries 4pm and the turn under the sikkim state lottery result 4 p.m.

Sikkim state lotteries old result

The lotteries are played under the states and if the game is held yesterday and now its called as Sikkim state lotteries old result that it is best way to find the result itself and individually, so friends you can call as sikkim state lotteries old result.

Sikkim state lotteries today

many of the sweet peoples are searching for Sikkim state lotteries today for the best finding result of todays result, sikkim state lottereies live results are also held here sikkim state lotteries 18.9.2020 Sikkim State Lotteries

Sikkim State Lottery Weekly Draw Schedule Names

  • Monday
  • Dear Loving Morning
  • Tuesday
  • Dear Sincere Morning
  • Wednesday
  • Dear Faithful Morning
  • Thursday
  • Dear Kind Morning
  • Friday
  • Dear Tender Morning
  • Saturday
  • Dear Gentle Morning
  • Sunday
  • Dear Affectionate Morning

If you are planning to buy sikkim state lottery today result ticket then your decission is right because this game is a trusted game and if you are a lucky presion then you can got the 1st prize.

Sikkim State Lottery
Sikkim State Lottery

What is Sikkim State Lottery?

If you want to know what is Sikkim state lottery is the best genuine lottery game which plays daily 11:55am lottery games played and this lottery changed peoples lifes they getting rich in few houres so play daily sikkim state lottery and you can be a rich person and check the lottery results at nagaland state lottery.

In 1890 an agreement was concluded between the British and the Tibetans that described the boundary between Sikkim and Tibet. Tibet also confessed the specific connection of British India with all the realm of Sikkim. A British political officer has been made to help the chogyal from the government of Sikkim’s national and international affairs, in effect getting the virtual ruler of the country.This the best ant one of the most popular game.


Lottery Sambad Dear is against of any online and offline lottery game we provide you the Lottery Sambad Result which is completly offline based game.


  1. Sir Iam very problem for financial my old Mother hospital admission ,I given Sikkim lottery till now 300000 rupees but ,now time I am poor man so I requested to you today my ticket morning 65G 06255,65G06030,31,37,44,41,65G06250

  2. फ्रॉड लॉटरी
    विथ प्रूफ
    ये लॉटरी मी खरीदे में 1000
    रूपरी बर्बाद कर चुका हूं इसका गेम ये ह की ये 2/3दिन पहले की सीरियल नम्बर डालते ह जिसमें किसी का नहीं निकलता कम्पनी पैसे मार जा रही रहे अगले दिन का

  3. Me खरीदे 2 टिकेट seryl नंबर 22222222 ड्रॉ डेट 04/02/2020 लेकिन ये सीरियल नोंबर नहीं सो हुआ उस तारीख को फिर मैने 16/02/2020 को दूसरा tkt लिए जिसका सीरियल नंबर 44444444 था लेकिन ड्रॉ वाले दिन 2222222सीरियल नॉन्बर सो हो रहा है था ताकि वो डेट निकल गई किसी का ड्रॉ नहीं निकले लोगो के तक के पैसे बेकार हो जाए

  4. Sir,my father is poor man ,but I am a student and studying,but no money, I am admission in college islampur,but no money, please help me, my first time tickets,my ticket no,78A 34230 ,,, please help me sir,,

  5. Sir I suffering from money problm…I need 45000… i buy a 5 same 84A 02053….19 march 4 pm lotary result….please play this number, please

  6. sir save me from death because my house was destroyed is the strom so I request 31.03.2020. sikkim state lottery dear admir Tuesday 11.55 A.m tikit number 65 A 95842 5 SAME FIRST PRIZES

  7. sir save me from death because my house was destroyed is the strom so I request please kindly 04.04.2020 sikkim state lottery dear valuable morning tikit number 67 A 63325. first prizes game

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