5 Indian Apps that tried to copy Popular Apps

There are certain Indian Apps which did very well and recognized all over the world. But at the same time there are certain apps who tried to blatantly copy the foreign popular apps and tried to gain benefit out of patriotism. These apps have been heavily criticized by experts telling they are just doing duplicate those apps without adding something their own. These allegations are not against only smaller companies, even companies like Reliance have done such a horrible copy of foreign apps in recent times.


In this post we are going to discuss about those 5 indian apps which tried to copy popular foreign apps. Some of them just not only copied the structure, some even named quite similarly to them.


Hearing the name which popular apps came to your mind? Yes, you are correct. This is a blatant copy of Twitter whether they tried to copy all from Twitter. If you follow this you will find their name, their logo, their homepage, their user interface , their function is very similar to twitter. Even the creators did not deny the fact. They just emphasize on the fact they are just Swadesi version which give people to free speech. It seems that they are not fully failed, even prime minister, home minister and several other peoples registered there. 


In the pandemic time if any apps get highest profit and popularity that is zoom call. There was a limited number of people earlier who used Zoom but in the pandemic time from student to businessman everyone depends on Zoom for online Video call. Reliance saw this and launched an app which is exactly replica of Zoom. They copy the user interface and every features of zoom. They additionally gave more free time in this apps. Later Zoom even issue a complain against JioMeet.


When Tiktok got banned in India, there are certain apps came to fulfil the market. Among those Mitron got the highest popularity which have similar interface and features like Tiktok. They also branded their company on the base of patriotism. Now they have millions of users in their apps. 


Elyments was also a swadeshi company created by Sri Sri Academy app developers. They mainly tried to copy Facebook where people can share their story, photo, video and whatever they want to share. They have quite similar interface of Facebook and user experience also narrate the same story.


PUBG was a South Korean Company manufactured game but in mobile version a Chinese company owned that. So when govt. ban this game a huge gap is created in gaming market. Some other pre existing games like Freefire or Call of Duty tried to fill the void but there are huge demands for the game like PUBG. So a Bangalore based tech company come up and announced that they will create a game which will be like PUBG and named as FAUG. Even they did not come yet in the market but you can expect a huge similarity between them.

Final Thoughts:

Making an app based on India is always a good sign for our country. But blatantly copy those apps and sell them just in the name of patriotism will not a game changer for any of these as people always choose the original one. So if iIndian Game Developer came with an Unique idea and implement them it will be a reason for more proud to us as Paytm, Zomato, Oyo already does.

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