Digital Marketing: What It Is, How It Works, and Some Great Examples

Digital Marketing is a fast growing segment. It is completely transforming the relationship between brands and people.


He is revolutionary. He elected presidents. He is for you.

If you want to learn what Digital Marketing is, its definition and how it works, read this Guide by Conversion, an agency with 8 years of experience serving small to large companies.

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Concept Definition: What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the application of communication strategies and techniques, for branding, sales increase, consumer loyalty, in the context of the Internet.

Digital Marketing is an increasingly specialized discipline, I try to see that each of its fronts each year bring a series of innovations, as well as deepening and becoming more and more complex.

Digital Marketing is made up of a lot of content, so companies are relevant to the consumer… So much so that good Digital Marketing doesn’t even seem like Marketing!

Digital Marketing is generally associated with performance (measurable results) and channel management such as organic search, paid search, display, email, social media, etc.

Is there a difference between Online and Offline Marketing?
In many places, they want to place digital marketing as superior to traditional marketing (or vice versa.)

But the great truth about marketing is that a brand is not just on or off the Internet itself, but in the minds, hearts and decisions of consumers.

With the ever-smaller separation between on and offline actions, the concept of “all-line” marketing was created, that is, marketing that occurs everywhere, with online and offline integration.

But we can’t ignore that there is a concept and meaning to digital marketing – and that concept basically says that digital marketing is about online actions. Marketing is marketing, digital or offline. And this is very important.

The Key Advantages of Digital Marketing
The advantages of digital marketing are so great that by 2018, investment in online advertising grew by over 26%.

And that number will not stop growing.

This is because digital marketing has some benefits, including the ability to measure investment and results, which is not so simple in offline marketing.

Another advantage is that digital marketing is not intrusive. On the contrary.

While “old advertising” interrupted the consumer, today it is possible to strategize on search engines to be found by your target audience.

Digital Marketing: How to do it?

One of the key features of digital marketing is that its entry barrier is virtually nil.

It is very simple to start investing in digital marketing, whether through social networking, creating a website, investing in sponsored links or doing SEO.

In practice, anyone can initiate digital marketing actions. However, due to increasing competition and increasing platform complexity, having experts is critical.

To study more about Digital Marketing, you can take courses, follow blogs, and attend events.

How does Digital Marketing work? Meet the 6 Channels of Digital Marketing Preferred by Successful Companies
For companies of all sizes, Digital Marketing works basically on two fronts: the Strategy and the channels in which the brand will act.

The Digital Marketing Strategy is the way the company will act, brand positioning and how it will achieve its goals (which may be to sell more, communicate better, improve your perception, etc.).

The Strategy will also determine the channels in which the company will operate, and then a strategic and tactical plan will be required for each of them.

Get to know now the 6 channels preferred by companies that get more results with Digital Marketing.

1. SEO: The digital marketing strategy to get well positioned on Google and other search engines without paying per click

You may not know what SEO is, right? But you probably already visited a site because it was in the top of Google.

Generally speaking, the acronym SEO (which comes from the English “Search Engine Optmization”) is the art of placing websites in search engines.

Its 2 main benefits are: generating brand reputation and unpaid site visits.

If you would like to know more, visit this SEO Guide.

2. Sponsored Links: The Most Popular Form of Internet “Advertising”

But not only free visitors live Digital Marketing. There are also “advertising” tools that are very important.

The most popular of these is Sponsored Links, which are basically ads that appear in Google search results.

Their big advantage is that these ads appear to people who want to hire a product or service.

Also, for advertisers, sponsored links generate results with measurable costs.

To learn more, check out this Sponsored Links guide.

3. Facebook: The Powerful Social Network
Most people have a Facebook profile. Therefore, it is essential that companies are there.

The first step to being present is creating a Fanpage, which is the name given to a business page.

But to succeed on Facebook, you need to create relevant content to foster network interaction and engagement.

This social network also allows ads through the Facebook Ads tool.

4. Instagram: the fastest growing social network

Instagram is becoming increasingly popular because it is a very easy to use network.

Also, as it is focused on photography, today virtually everyone is able to be active on networks.

One format on Instagram that has grown a lot in recent times has been the Stories.

Once again, social networks depend on quality content – and Instagram on photos.

Then a company may be present posting interesting photos of its products, but should avoid promotions.

Companies advertise on this network through Instagram Ads.

5. Content is a Great Digital Marketing Tool

You have seen that Content is very important in social networks.

But Content is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there.

This is because, in Digital Marketing, strategies must be created to improve communication.

And what is one of the best ways to do this?

Content Marketing, without a doubt!

Small to large companies invest in Content Marketing creating content for social networks, blog, Youtube, etc.

6. Email Marketing: Sending Email Brings Many Results

Virtually everyone has an email account.

This is why email marketing strategies are one of the most profitable for companies.

Its main benefit is that the company communicates with customers who already know the brand.

And so the results are much higher.

To learn more, check out our introductory guide to Email Marketing.

Want a Digital Marketing Course focused on Free SEO?
In 2012, we launched a free SEO Course called #OpenSEO, which became a classic.

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, also known in Brazil as website optimization, and is a set of strategies and techniques that aim at better positioning of websites in organic search.

Despite the launch time, the theoretical foundation of our Free SEO Course remains current and will help you reach Google’s top positions.

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