Mamata Says Modi is like a Pak ambassador Prime Minister in Siliguri lamented

Mamata Banerjee has staged several marches in protest against CA and NRC in South Bengal. But all those who inquire about politics are always challenged to raise Mamata in North Bengal. One of the reasons for this challenge is social and political. In the last Lok Sabha elections, all the seats in Uttar Pradesh were defeated. Mamata Banerjee is the Trinamool Congress but after becoming the Chief Minister.


Every time he has come to North Bengal and has never been seen in the case of any Chief Minister besides Uttar Pradesh From Matua and Upper Bengal

There are countless people living. They live across the border – for different obligations at different times

Have started Therefore, there is no doubt that the CAA in North Bengal is about to become a major political issue. That is why the BJP also held a meeting in North Bengal for two days and finalized their strategy with CA. As a result, Mamata Banerjee said that the BJP is in North Bengal in this issue. On the ground | Be sure to be desperate to corner it. – The Siliguri procession will give him credibility and there is no doubt that he will rely more on District Trinamool President Ranjan Sarkar for the success of that procession. | In Saturday’s rally, Mamata attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi as usual and took full swift action, leaving Pakistan and Pakistan since morning. Doesn’t shame you? Whenever a man opens his mouth about the corner, he is told to go to Pakistan NRC has been able to reclaim some of its already lost land to protest the NRC issue after the parliamentary vote.

The ruling party of the state. North Bengal and the picture are the same. So, wherever the BJP’s big meeting or procession is taking place for the NRC, the grassroots Congress is taking the program to raise awareness against the NRC, CA. The last 20 | The Trinamool Congress decided to retaliate after seeing the BJP march towards CA in the presence of MPs, MLAs, state and central leadership in Siliguri in December. First, the leaders of the district were in front of the procession After a long time, there was a huge procession of a political party in Siliguri. The Trinamool state leadership is giving credit to the Ranjan government just as the tourism minister Gautam Deb took on additional responsibility to make the procession a success. They say the party has to overcome the conflict

Get the leader of all the parts out of the way He has succeeded.

Before starting the procession, Mamata Banerjee said in front of Maineak Tourist Lodge, “The BJP is trying to take away all the people. Every human being has to prove again that they are citizens of this country. This is our shame. In his words, If someone wants a job, or if they want food, but if someone says to set up an industry, then they are told to go to Pakistan. | After the procession at Bagha Jitin Park, Mamata said, “I do not support Pakistan.” Pakistan is not my country. I don’t know Pakistan. It is a separate state but from morning only

Pakistan is going to Pakistan. So Pakistan Quit saying Respect Hindustan.

Darjeeling MP Raju Beast said the procession of the grassroots was a flop sha. Soon, the whole state will be eradicated from the whole state like North Bengal.

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