Jasprit Bumrah is in the mood for Purana again. After September

New Year’s New Look. Virat Kohli is going down on Sunday. The captain of India is not new to the haircut. New Year’s Special is a ‘Top Cut’ hairstyle. Courtesy of famous fashion style alim

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli

Hulk. The image of the First Day First Look has been pasted by the fans themselves.

Jasprit Bumrah is in the mood for Purana again. After September | Long break In the field due to injury

Had to cut out. It’s Sunday Back in the national team’s blue jersey

Comeback against Sri Lanka | T20 Dual. Several in between Even if the month passes, it does not affect the bowling. Indo-West Indies tomorrow. The deciding match of the ODI series was before the ball in the net. Shishya Ayer, who was the disciplinarian, took the helm to bowl bowling to tackle Bumrah. The practice of that day is the action replay. After the long break, the teammates’ enthusiasm for the return boom was a little higher. Khaleda Bumrah is freaking out. Evening Stadium Evening | Stayed throughout the practice. | Quite a while before practice

Separate Bailing Coaches | Bumrah talks to Arun.

Mental Game, Strategy Shed | Take over Then the ball in his hand In the mood to know At one end of the field Only pacers to put wickets. Arun was doing the ball. Says Bumrah dismissed the wicket. Fill in

Which is enough to assure Arun. As much as the upcoming series, actually

The return stage of Bumrah is exactly the same as the return of Bumrah to the Indian camp. | Meanwhile, Sri Lanka has bombed again before Duel. Bumrah. He said he did not learn the yorker or any bowling technique from long-time teammate Lasith Malinga in the IPL. The video itself was recovered. His acquisition from Malinga is, in part, the mantle game. Malingar has only received tips on how to match yourself to a situation.

Middle | The impact was not clear on the bowling. Bumrah was originally supposed to play a Ranji match for Gujarat. But Saurabh Gangopadhyay himself did not go down. Saija International Comeback. Today, the predecessor, the president of the board, has the urge to trust. Sunday is the turn of the day. Bumrah Comeback is undoubtedly the new oxygen team. Extra enthusiasm is with teammates Navdeep Saini, Shardul Thakur. With Navadvipa in the absence of her husband. Sri Lankan batting line up. The responsibility is on the boomers.

The organizers are thinking of the possibility of rain surrounding the match. Local breeze. Before the series started, the left-hander said, “The place plays well. Took advantage of the opportunity. However, I am not thinking about this. My job is to run. That’s what I want to do. And because I was out on the field for an injury for a while, I didn’t forget the batting. Come and go is nothing new in my career. I’m ready. ‘ Robbie Shastri-Kohli wants to learn how to return to form. Then, with the three opener slots of the T20 World Cup, ThingTank will be convinced. At the Pace Brigade. Shardul will have big eyes Towards the new island. Mohammed Sami, Deepak Chahar returned, it was difficult to get a chance for both. From that point on to the important series near Sirdul. Who can bat the lower order, who is West? Shardul explained in the Indies match.

Long time backup paces | Baylor also earned a place in the series Good performance, will put him in the World Cup. Navdeep spoke publicly about that goal. Malinga brings a shocking new face. Aviska Fernandez will be successful in the World Cup | The preparation will go a step further. Sri Lanka. Wanidu Hassaranga, Isuru Udana with two all-rounders. Excited Island Cricket Hall. At the same time, the Malinga Brigade, with the experience of Angelo Mathews in the three Twenty20 series after two long years, is indicative of the fact that the Guwahati rainbow stadium is on its way.

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