What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing and some tips that will help you

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Affiliate Marketing consists of promoting products or third party services by obtaining a commission for every sale that takes place thanks to this promotion.


When the affiliate chooses a product to promote, it provides a unique link, their affiliate link.

The affiliate’s mission is to send qualified traffic (people who are interested in purchasing your product) to the product due page through your affiliate link.

By promoting your link, the affiliate will take visitors to the merchant’s sales page due to the product and the visitor buying the product, the affiliate will earn a commission.

An example of affiliate marketing to get you through…
I personally use this affiliate programs from different platforms to give you some example:

I have a web where do two tricks for learning English and for it doy book recommendations that can be used to learn English, these books are not seeing me on the web, they sell other people through Amazon (Si, the Amazon and me that sells) all over the internet). As it turns out, Amazon charges them for selling their books, but as these Amazon people are very smart, they tell you about websites that promote their products will give you an incentive (commission) to do so. In case you pay me for promoting the books, but not just for the simple time of promoting them, but you will also have to be the people who are promoting them, you also have to buy it.

So for example if you enter my web and I say to you: Take this book that you can serve, you can buy it here; and you come to Amazon from the link you give me and buy the book, then I get a commission in this process.

How Much to Earn in Affiliate Marketing

As with Google adsense, the gains you get will depend to a large extent on the amount of visits you have to your web site, the singing of people who buy the product you promote as an affiliate and the commission that pays you the seller of the product.

Commissions for sale vary greatly, in digital products (which can be downloaded on your PC or contained online) are between 30% and 75%, in services of more than 30% to 50% of commissions and physical products. between 3 and 10%. It always depends on what determines the product due to the platform from which it is sold.

How to become an affiliate?

They are not in the science of the other world, but in the worst sense that exists, usually only you will have a record and it is. However, it is not the secret to earn money as an affiliate, usually to become an affiliate who for sale will have to follow this process:

Finding an audience: It should be an audience that has a need, that needs to solve a problem, that is willing to pay for it and if you add this audience is so big enough that the money that might be available to you is profitable for you. Paying for it is convenient for you.
Create a channel of communication with them: If you know (for example) that there are thousands of people who are looking for books to learn English, then you have to create a channel where you can connect with them and give them feedback.
Find a product that covers this need: It’s easier if you have an audience to find a product to offer, which will have the opposite process (look for a first product and a hearing for the audience). Because then I have to have to tell those people who have a need for a solution (your product). The truth is that there is a wide range of products to offer, as in this case, there are many places to look for them and you will have precisely them.
Where to find products to promote as affiliates?
From an affiliate platform there that previously needed to subscribe.
The affiliate platform acts as an intermediary between the affiliate and the merchant due to the product and the merchant refuses to offer his products to the sale and the affiliate also refuses him in this case to look for products that he promotes.

From the merchant web.

There are a lot of companies and entrepreneurs that have their own affiliate program run by the same, non-intermediary companies.

This information is available within its web sites, including popular sites like Ebay and Amazon have their own affiliate platforms, so you have an idea of ​​the range of products that you can promote through this online monetization system.

Top Affiliate Programs for Audience in Spanish

Amazon Affiliate Program

It is one of the biggest platforms for which it practically offers products for any case that you can imagine and can promote all and every one of the products that you find on Amazon, only you have to understand that the percentage of your commission is distinct between a type. of products and others. Here’s to you on Amazon’s trading board:

Clickbank Affiliate Platform

It is one of the most misunderstood in the Hispanic world, and it is sincerely not seen among users of Spain for Latin America… And it is a market for digital products: Courses, books, training programs, coaching programs, etc. The clickbank affiliate platform sale is the commission percentage that varies between 30 and 75%.

So, only a commission of 75% on a product of about 80 $ may seem tempting, so look carefully at what product we promote because it has a lot of good quality products and you won’t want to get your reputation for $ 60.

Other affiliate networks

There is a wide variety of affiliate platforms, I have to give you 3 more that deserve to mention:

  • e-junkie,
  • comission Juction
  • Shareasale

How to choose a product to promote through affiliate marketing model
Some questions to keep in mind before selecting an affiliate product:

The quality of the product:
Ideally, the affiliate you choose before you start promoting it for yourself is not possible, but it is convenient to devote some time to searching for detailed product information through the red and ensuring that it is a product that delivers on the promises that you will keep and that it has been satisfactorily done.

The merchant’s sales page:

It is important to have a professional looking sales page with a good and attractive image. That is able to capture the attention of the visitor and invite to consume the information that changes. Explain in detail the goodness of the product and what the product can be for the visitor when he acquired it.

The commission percentage that charges the affiliate:

At this point it is convenient to clarify that, on occasion, the products due to increase the commission percentage because their product in the salty and thus attract inexperienced affiliates. For this reason, he is best advised to ensure that he first buys a good product, which is as high as possible and that he will agree with the size of the audience that he can achieve it.

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