A large number of Iranian militants were reportedly detained

US drone strike kills Qassim Solemani, the head of the Qutas force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. Lost his life The head of the Iraqi militant group is Abu Mahdi al-Muhaddis alias Jamal Zafar Ibrahim. A large number of Iranian militants were reportedly detained in the attack by the US military.


A Pentagon source said the drone was attacked at the behest of US President Donald Trump. It is feared that the attack may bring clouds of war back to the Middle East. General Suleimani assassinated in US raid India, China, Russia have expressed concern about almost all countries of the world.

The Iraqi government, known as Iran’s enemy, has expressed regret. Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi of Iraq’s watchdog government feared, hey The US may invade the war to win the invasion. | US Secretary of Defense Mark T. Amper reports that Iran and its neighboring countries. The United States has been forced to take steps to protect appointed US diplomats. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif attacks US drone | He criticized ‘international terrorism’.

Warning on tweets | He has said that the American will have to pay a large fee in the coming days. Iran’s top leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned of retaliation for the attack. He said that Qasim, the commander of the Quds Force in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, was killed in a US drone strike. After Salman’s death, ‘Jihad’ will increase. In that religion, the jihadists will win. In a tweet that day he wrote in Persian, for the last few years Solimani was rewarded for his relentless work, which was martyred yesterday. Three days of state mourning will be paid to pay homage to him. ‘ Later on Iran’s official television “The hero has died,” Khamenei said. Solimani. As he leaves, his intended goal will not change.

We will follow the path of the valiant general. Against those criminals whose hands are crippled by the blood of Suleimani and other martyrs, revenge will be soon. ‘ Ismail Kanye, his assistant, has been appointed to the post of General Sulaimani. Meanwhile, the US Embassy in Baghdad has ordered US citizens to leave Iraq as soon as possible after the threat of Khomeini. | According to a Pentagon source, Indian airspace drone at Baghdad International Airport on Saturday morning The attack was carried out.

Witnesses said Baghdad Airport At least four rockets were fired at the target. The attack was carried out by a US helicopter. | At that time two near the airport Suleimani and Al-Muhaddis were among the cargo convoy. Their companion was in another car. Following the attack, President Donald Trump posted the American flag from his Twitter account. The Pentagon also acknowledged the attack in a government statement.

An Iranian military official said some top officials from Iran were scheduled to arrive in Iraq that day. That’s why Baghdad There were no deployments at the international airport The airport’s protocol officer, Mohammad Reda, arrived. As he was on his way from the airport with the Iranian elite guard force chiefs, Sulemani and Muhaddis, | That’s when three rockets arrived. Everyone at the scene died. The bodies are burned in a way that is not known. | Iraqi Shiite militant groups spread a video on the social media. That video. It has been observed that the bombs dropped from the aircraft were ashore.

Salman’s bloody body was covered in ashes. Shattered It is possible to identify Solimani. The red ring on his hand. Even before the Pentagon’s announcement, news of the death of Suleimani and his comrades in the US airstrikes by Iranian troops and Iranian television has been spread.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Iraqi people were appalled at the death of the Iranian top commander in a drone strike. Posting a video, he wrote on Twitter, “General Sulaimani | The Iraqis are happy to take to the streets to hear that death has taken place.

As seen in the video, an enormous national flag was erected on the street with hands on. People in Iraq.

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