Chief Minister had to arrive in Kolkata about 5 minutes late

Snowfall falls on the summit of the mountain, as predicted. Sandakfu naturally from the shampoo wrapped in ice sheets. At the beginning of the year, many tourists play looters of nature.


However, many have been disappointed to not be allowed to go to Nathula. Due to the climatic conditions, the Chief Minister had to arrive in Kolkata about 5 minutes late. Mamata Banerjee’s plane was scheduled to depart from Bagdogra airport at 4 pm after the procession in Siliguri on Saturday. But it leaves at about 5am. In addition, the Bagdogra will depart two flights operating in Delhi late. | Airport authorities say the planes leave late because of temporary visibility. The weather forecast that day is expected to snow on the mountain by Sunday. In some places, there is a chance of scattered rain.

Gopinath Rahar, the central authority for the Meteorological Department, Sikkim Speaking of which, there is no chance of changing the weather before Tuesday. In the morning, the sky was cloudy and snow was rising in the mountains in the early afternoon. The prospect was bright. The weather department also predicted such weather two days ago. That possibility turned into a snowflake at the top of the pine.

However, from this morning, many places of Sikkim and Darjeeling hills like the plains received heavy rains. Frost in the language of the locals. And it started to stop the snow. Within a short while, Lachen, Changu, Yangthang, Nathula, several places in northern Sikkim became white. However, the Chang and Nathula snowfall started on Thursday night. For which these two places.

The army has banned travel. East Sikkim’s Jhuluk snowfall started at 6pm on Saturday. In addition, the chances of snowfall are bright in some places in western and southern Sikkim Meteorological Department News. According to the weather forecast – Sandakfu, Darjeeling, and Darjeeling have received snowfall this day. Whatever the circumstances, the chances of snow falling on Tiger Hill are bright. Because of the chance of snowfall, many of those who chose the hill for the anniversary celebrations decided to stay for two days.

Rupesh Joordar, a resident of Kaikhali in Kolkata, said that they enjoyed the view of covering the mountains in white sheets, adding that they could not see in the future if Darjeeling had become worthwhile. Abhishek Jain of Delhi, who was traveling to Sikkim, must have objected to not going to Nathula. But I was not allowed. ‘ Cloudy skies and scattered showers in Siliguri. The impact on public life. The more the night grew, the more the increase. Winter is getting hot

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