The message to district leaders in Maldar meeting of BJP is not Related to NRC in CAA campaign

Mukul Roy and Aurobind Menon have directed the BJP leaders to put Kulup on the NRC for campaigning with the CAA. Talking to reporters at the same time, Mukul Roy made it clear that all social organizations will be supported with various clubs in the state to overcome the confusion over CAA. However, Aurobindo Menon did not spend a word and reply to multiple media queries that day.


The message to district leaders in Maldar meeting of BJP is not Related to NRC in CAA campaign
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The message to district leaders in Maldar meeting of BJP is not Related to NRC in CAA campaign

On Saturday, a high-level workshop was held on Saturday with three district councils, district presidents, MPs, legislators in Malda Town Hall. Attended this workshop. | Aurobindo Menon, besides Mukul Roy, have two MPs Sukant Majumdar and Khagen Murmu, two MLAs, Jewel Murmu and Independent Government, state leaders

Rathin Bass is the president of three districts including Malda, North Dinajpur and South Dinajpur. The workshop instead of the time announced this day. It started shortly after noon. Meeting

The two leaders did not agree to talk to the media before it started. The meeting begins at the closed door. Access to journalists was prohibited. Nonetheless, all the ‘leaders discuss CA and NRC basically. He highlighted the differences between the two laws. It is directed that leaflets and booklets should be delivered to every voter’s house in the district with CA. However, the leaders will not be able to talk to the NRC at home. In this regard, Mukul Roy answered the journalists’ questions Directly informed, the Union Home Minister has made it clear that there was no talk in Parliament about the NRC. So we will not talk about the NRC. We are | Just go home and explain about CAA. epass

Let people know that we are citizenship Give it But I’m not taking away. The general public is creating misconceptions about grassroots CAA. He also said that the BJP is never a Bengali hater. This is the core of the team Founder Shyama Prasad Mukherjee was a Bengali man. On the other hand, house to house promotion Responding to the response, Malda district president Govinda Chandra Mondal said, “We must reach every voter’s house by December 5.” Have to deliver Team booklet and leaflet on CAA. The district has 5 lakh voters. Already, lakhs of leaflets and leaflets have arrived in the district for the state. Meanwhile, Mukul Roy confronted the media after the workshop by 5 pm. In response to a question, he said, city to village. In order to persuade people, co-operation of various social organizations will be taken. Referring to Pakistan repeatedly in the face of the Prime Minister, BJP leader Mukul Roy said that the National Congress was responsible for the division on the basis of religion. If Pakistan is not called an Islamic state then it is India This would not have been a turmoil. The Congress is responsible for this. And that Congress is now spreading confusion among the NRC people.

According to sources, the workshop of the day was mainly discussed with the mission-2020 but the vote of the municipality came up. So are the two leaders. Their speeches are aimed at BJP leaders. Said about the National Amendment Act. People have to understand. The grass of the herd has to be taken away by spreading the grass of the grassland. However, in response to reporters’ questions about the elections, Mukul Roy said, “Whatever the good under the state, it will be a vote of envy. Booths will be occupied, fights, frauds will be voted on. But if people can vote freely, the grassroots will lose in all respects. The Chief Minister is now sitting in his state to lose everything. So, Jharkhand has fielded candidates for 20 seats. Trinamool seized the security in 26 seats. ‘Meanwhile, Mukul Roy and Aurobind Menon’s workshops with the three district council chairmen – saw the attendance drop on many leaders. Thought has appeared. Because, Malda Town

If the number of seats is only one and a half sasha. But this day The back seats in the workshop were completely empty. Most of the speakers said the same thing about the CAA, one leader was heard saying, “Bering. At the same time it is wise to say,

Only 20 days on hand. The BJP has the task of reaching the 100,000 voters in Malda district!

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