Islam Syndicate active foolish police

Syndicate has been able to reach or cross the country through different areas of Islampur subdivision from Bangladesh. These syndicates are spread across the borders of the two countries. Detectives said that the syndicates have long been trafficked through the smuggling routes between the two countries. Among those who are coming to this country are many women, whose work is being brought to this country and being smuggled into the country, including Mumbai-Delhi, in the city’s forbidding plateau.


BSF and police have arrested Bangladeshi intruders almost daily from the border area of ​​Islampur subdivision. But after the arrest, the crossing can be completely closed. What. The head of the Syndicate on the border crossing is alleged to be very close to the governing body. Syndicate members have changed their colors with the change of political. Police of the Islampur, Goalpokhar, Karan Dighi and Chopra police stations are indifferent to the smuggling of people across the border.

The smugglers are taken from Bangladeshis for two and a half to four thousand taka. They were first brought from the border and kept in the house of the members of that circle. Later, they were given the opportunity to reach Kishanganj station. In the Lichubagan area of ​​Islampur Aluabari Road Station area, there are people in that cycle.

From there they were sent to various states of the country including Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Delhi. How do these syndicates work? One member of the syndicate said that members of that cycle are on the borders of the two countries. They also communicate with themselves on mobile. Girls from poor families in Bangladesh are brought in with the temptation to work well in this country. They were trafficked. By Syndicate. Linemen are required to cross the border to reach a safe haven in the country Linkmans have the responsibility of directing the police, BSF, to avoid being noticed. The areas where border guards are high. It takes extra money to cross. Police say the syndicate has ties to a section of border residents. The relatives of the Bangladeshi are arranged and temporarily left their home.

Syndicate receives his salary for this. From this home, training is good. One of the people involved in trafficking said Bangladeshi women were brought to the country instead of saris. Seeds are given on the forehead. Syndicate. People like to teach their birds, not to talk too much on the train, bus, auto. Because they are more likely to be identified as Bangladeshi by the accent. Men are wearing shirt-trousers instead of lingerie.

As an added precaution, Bangladesh Deshlai Bidi, cigarette cigarettes were ordered to stop. Islampur District Superintendent of Police Sachin Makkar said, “We do not have such news. If specific complaint is received, it will be investigated and action will be taken. BJP’s Dinajpur district secretary Surjit Sen said, “We are against any kind of intrusion. In the coming days, more stringent measures will be taken to prevent intrusion. BSF is working well on the border. ‘ On the other hand, Javed Akhtar, a member of the Trinamool Congress State Corps Committee, said, “There is no party at the corner of the brokers. And we have no relation with the members of such a cycle. This is done by breaking the team name It will not be tolerated. The case

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