Each in the CAA movement | The committee in the district is Mamata

Opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) feels brahmastra to fight the BJP. Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee is doing so. So in this issue he formed a separate district-based committee for the movement of North Bengal. He was given the overall responsibility of North Bengal. Gautam Dev, chairman of the North Bengal Core Committee and Tourism Minister. The Trinamool Leader has sat down at Baghayatin Park on Saturday and directed about who will take care of the committee.


While the BJP has decided to force surveillance in the backdrop as well as propagate the CA’s propaganda for the wrongdoing of people, the grassroots turnaround has clearly meant preparations for assembly elections have begun in the state. Both sides are shouting. On the issue of citizenship. Gautam Babu says, “NRC, CAA is in crisis. Ordinary people So for the common people, our movement will be everywhere. There will be a procession in the presence of state leadership in a few days in Jalpaiguri

The BJP has started preparing for the vet here, keeping the CAA in front of refugees’ buses to North Bengal. Taking the initiative, the BJP leadership has decided to form a special party to break the wrong. He explained how to approach people in Jalpaiguri and Malda team workshops. Arvind Menon, General Secretary (Organizational) of the BJP Central Committee. Within 24 hours of the publication of the strategy of the Garua camp, a District Committee to form a District Committee was formed in North Bengal.

News, after the procession on Saturday, he discussed the next program with Gautam Dev at the stage of Bagha Jitin Park. At that time, former Koch Bihar MP Parthpratam Roy, MLA Sourav Chakraborty, Alipurudu district, and Kisan Kalyani, district president of Jalpaiguri. No way in anti-NRA, anti-CAA movement. The district jailor said that the dhimmi could not be granted – Mamata directs the leaders. He is Gautam. | “You talk to everybody,” said Dev. | I have to see that regular programs are taken everywhere. Amal Acharya of North Dinajpur, Trinamool has said that a committee will be formed to hold the movement in front of Sourav Chakraborty of Alipurduar. Leader. The decision to form a special party of the governing body is considered as a way for the BJP not to win over the mind of the refugees over the issue of citizenship.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister has taken care of Gautam Dev in care of the North Bengal festival so that it can be done successfully. Siliguri, Kaliaganj, Old. Malda,

He said the importance was given to some places including Jalpaiguri, Hill Kalimpong. Koch Bihar so that the festival is good

He either directed Parthpratam – Ray for that. The North Bengal festival is about to begin. January 26th. Gautam Babu says there will be festivals in every district of North Bengal. There will be vibrations of life at the festival.

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