Chief Minister is going to the hill on January 22 to celebrate the Mamata procession

The presence of the hill caught the attention of all in the procession on Saturday against the Trinamool National Citizenship (NRC), Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Many people came down the hill to join the procession that day.


Mamata Banerjee did not ignore that. So he announced to go to the hill on January 22 from the stage. For the past few days, the most talked about city. Was, can the grassroots support the BJP procession? The grassroots march, demanded by the grassroots grassroots leadership, was seen by the crowd of people on both sides of the road, saying that no comparison was made to this day’s ‘people’s protest’ with the BJP march. The chairman of the core committee of the Trinamool North Bengal.

Gautam Dev said people have taken to the streets to protest the central policy. Many thanks to them. The guerrilla forces, of course, have accused the administration of manipulating and intimidating. Darjeeling BJP MP Raju Beast said, “Besides spreading money, the grassroots environment created fear. Administration has been put to use. BJP rally in Siliguri in support of CAA | After seeing the fleet, the ruling party of the state decided to walk the streets. He said he would lead the party procession – Mamata Banerjee. Saturday in his presence.

Thousands of people gathered at the grassroots procession in support of the NRC, CAA. 2 That day the leaders of the grassroots plane value – the hills. Thousands of people from the hills joined the procession. Most of them are members of various board members in the hills. Those who took to the streets to protest the decision of the central government as well as thanked the Chief Minister for the development of the hill.

Title Development Board Chairman Zima Wangdi Sherpa said, “We are appalled by the decision that the Center is taking one after another.” So, I am walking in procession with Mamata Banerjee. It was the Rajya Sabha MP Shanta Chhatri’s responsibility to bring people from the hills. In his statement, he tried to defend the responsibility he was given. However, members of the development board have not been seen.

Humble Tamang, Anita Thapa and supporters of the march in the hands of the party flags. Shanta Devi said, “The morcha was not invited because of the procession of our party. However, Mamata Banerjee is quite happy to participate in the development boards of the hill. So he announced that he would rise to the mountain on January 22. Although the procession has been repeatedly announced from the front stage of the Maineak Tourist Lodge, the presence of the Matua community has not been noticed in the past. Moni Mohan Biswas,

president of North Bengal of the Matihua Federation of India, was seen catching the rising raid after the Airview raid. He said, | ‘Could not stay long for rain. Members of our organization are like this to join in Could not be seen Although Mamata was happy to see the eels of people this day. Bandyopadhyay. While interacting with the party leaders at the stage of Bagha Jitin Park, he was heard saying, ‘It would not be cool to have so many people. Maybe it was more when the rain started.

Gautam-Ranjan is good. Is working You have to do better. ‘ The procession of the Trinamool leader started from Maineak at around 1:30 pm. For about an hour, Mamata Banerjee’s procession brought a lot of people to her feet. After hours, people have been waiting for hours on both sides of the road. To see Mamata Banerjee.

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